5 Weeks of recovery running under the belt

It’s been a slow five weeks of recovery, well if you count my time off it’s closer to 8 or 9, since I called it quits for the Boston Marathon this year. It was the right thing to do, and I managed 50 miles this week. Since the middle of April I’ve been adding 5 miles a week to get up to 50 this week and then get up to my eventual weekly target of 80 miles a week. I do have some tightness on the outside of my right leg so don’t think the root cause of the tendinitis is completely resolved so I have some work left to do.

Some other things of note over the last two weeks of training with Team Rogue. A few new things have been instituted which I think are a great thing to make us more balanced and in general stronger to handle the rigorous training. They include:

  • Pre-run stretches, there should be video’s soon with Darren Brown illustrating these that I’ll link to. You can read about Darren, who won the Boston Invitational Mile this year in his blog and also this recent runners world article. Darren religiously performs these stretches from what I’ve heard so it can’t hurt us mere mortals 🙂 After a half mile warm-up we do these stretches and then after each run with the group also do a slightly altered version.
  • Big 12 strength exercises. 12 push-ups, 12 crunches, then 11 each then 10 each and so on down to 1 each . A few people are throwing in some pull-ups to mix it up (Keith and Jon thanks for making us look like pansy’s).

The pre-run stretches have been very good, I find I’m much looser on the run and and also after the run don’t feel as tight during the day. A few other things I glad I’ve been able to stick to is my twice a week workout at the gym for over a month. The workout was put together by Mark at South Congress Athletic Club (which just expanded by the way) and I’ve been able to tell the difference at points on my runs between my right and left side and made adjustments based on the “feel” Mark has been trying to instill with the exercises. Hope this all helps keep me injury free. Next thing to focus on is nutrition since the other parts seem to be routine now.

Current Wins: Running regularly, not missing cable,

Current Losses: Vacation plans not set, blog posts


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  1. I forgot to ask if a certain someone called you on Saturday???

    It’s time to resurrect the black book. Dee…

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