Excited about getting back with the team but with some sadness

Team Rogue starts training again next Tuesday, it’s been month and a half since I stopped training with the crew for the Boston Marathon. I’m excited about running with everybody again, since last week I’m run a few times with Mike, Ken, Damon, Jason, Mus, John, Jon, and others and it was energizing. Last year early into training with Team Rogue I wrote about the “team atmosphere”, at that point I don’t think I realized how truly great training together as a team for the same race and with such a challenging regimen would be. So yes, I’m very excited about spending hours on the roads every week with everybody.

This new training season does come with some sadness though, that is that we’re loosing part of the Team. I heard recently he North Group is no longer going to be part of Team Rogue. Karen is going to take people to a different marathon and it looks like the training regimen will also be different. I had many runs Jim and others in the North group last year and would have liked to have continued that but I guess the North group wants to run a different race and take a different approach. Good luck to the Northies, we’ll hopefully get to see you on some long runs.


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