The right motivation to get back into training

Enough of putting a good face on it, Boston is over and my Team kicked some ass so I can share my true thoughts on my season, no negativity for them. For me this was a pretty shitty training season for Boston. Including Boston I’m at 3 DNS’s (did not starts) for 2009, have had 3 injuries, gone from being able to clock out easy runs at 7:15 paces at 80+ miles a week to being sidelined, not running for three weeks leading up to Boston and now getting back to 15 miles a week at an 8 min pace. Since my downward spiral started in February and I could never consistently train, that seemed to make the final decision to skip Boston not as difficult as I thought it would have been.

What I really need now is the motivation to get back into training and the discipline to do the things I know I have to in order to stay injury free. For the motivation, what more do I need than race reports like these from Mike and the amazing results for the Team. I know some of you (I do read your blogs) had tough days but your ability to challenge your body physically and mentally is inspiring. I can’t wait to get back out on the roads with the Team to train. Thanks for the motivation guys and gals … now how do I work on that discipline thing …



  1. You can do it, Kam. You are mentally and physically tough. You just have to get your body caught up with your determination and spirit!

    1. You are so right. I just filled out my spreadsheet with a marco. In two months I’ll hopefully be back to my weekly mileage target!

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