NI Tech is for NI R&D what NI Week is for our customers … kind of

Nothing can really take the place of NI Week, our annual user and customer conference. It’s really a unique opportunity for many of us to interact with, listen to and learn from our customers. We get to share what we’re working on and thinking up during the keynotes, present to customers, sit in on presentation from customers and pretty much just get to hang out. We can’t forget the social on Wednesday night, as much as some of us might want to 🙂

Tomorrow and Saturday is NI Tech, it is an internal R&D conference where the engineers at NI present to all the other engineers. It’s a good way for everybody to see what the other groups are doing, get exposed to new technologies that somebody might be experimenting with and just like NI-Week to get to hang out, relax and learn. Like NI-Week everybody can submit a session topic, they’re voted on and then scheduled. Some of the most entertaining sessions can be the ones that aren’t technical. A few years ago there was one that compared development to waste water management, and there is also the “Town Hall” open forum. All in all it’ll be a good time to recharge by seeing all the interesting things going on in the different groups, the toughest thing is going to be making it all the sessions I’d like to attend since many are at the same time … I guess that’s another similarity to NI Week!


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