City Staff seems bent on eliminating races in Austin

The City Council will hold a public hearing on April 2nd. Come to the meeting and show your support for races, events and the charities that benefit from them and e-mail your City Council today to vote AGAINST the draft ordinance.

I was able to attend the briefing by Assistant City Manager Rudy Garza to City Council. The long and short of it is if you like races (5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathons, triathlons) and want to keep seeing them in Austin you need to tell the City Council that you do NOT want them to vote for the draft ordinance and additional elements (ROW, Timeline). The ordinance as written makes the majority of races (Austin Marathon, Capital 10k, Nike Human Race, Capital Texas Tri, Si Labs Relay and any race that uses the dog pound loop) in violation of the ordinance, meaning the only way they can be approved is with an appeal to City Council. How much more obvious can it be that the goal of the ordinance is to get rid of races in Austin when every downtown race is now an exception.



  1. Kamran: thank you for attending the meeting and forwarding the info – I have sent an email and I hope they read it. I get the feeling that there are a bunch of city employes pressing delete as I type this! Kirsten

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