Not much time left

Peroneal Tendon

Today we found out what our bib numbers and Corrals are for Boston. I’ll be in Corral 2 this time. When I ran it before I think I was in 7 or was it 4, anyway this is much further up. There are only a few weeks left now and I haven’t run much since January. I did manage the long run this weekend and last but that’s not much and I know my endurance isn’t where it needs to be. My left leg had been hurt and now I unfortunately have something in my right leg from compensating … specifically I think it’s my Peroneal Tendon. I can’t really do much but try and keep going at this point. I did manage the 5 x 1 mile at CV pace (15k pace) on Tuesday fine, decided to take today off to see if I could get the inflammation under control and tomorrow is a 10 mile progressive pace run. I should have a better idea about how much of an issue this is going to be … there just isn’t much time now so any more issues are going to put my goals in even more doubt.



  1. I had peroneal tendonitis in college and while it was quite painful, once I got going on my run/interval or whatever, it wouldn’t hurt as much. Did PT 3x a week for 3 weeks and never heard from it again. Don’t recall actually missing any runs or xc races either because of it.

  2. Hang in there, Kam. Sending positive juju that these nagging injuries will get out of your way and let you blaze in Boston!

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