When it rains it pours

This isn’t about the recent weather but my running. Yes it has finally started to rain in Austin. It’s much needed given how dry it’s been so I’m very happy for the rain. Now back to my running and rain. Don’t take this as complaining but … ok maybe a bit. This training season started out on a way high high, but it’s not quite that way right now. After CIM December and January produced some of the best running … from a how I felt standpoint I can remember. The came my month long battle with my left leg (go ahead and read my last few posts on that one). Last week I started back up and had my first long run this Saturday which went as well as I really could have expected. Today was supposed to be my first track workout but this weather change has reeked havoc with my sinuses so I had to skip that. This Sunday is the Soul Buster … 20 miles, followed by 6 miles on the track (2 at MGP, 2 at Half MGP, 2 at 10k) and then a 2 mile cool down for a total of 28 miles. Given how I’ve been running and the injury time off I’m going to try for 6 miles at MGP unlike the rest of the crew. I just hope my nasal congestion is good by then. I haven’t been at work since yesterday, pretty much staying drugged up and asleep most of the day with a couple of emails and conference calls here and there. Not much time left for Boston so I need to just get my head around a more reasonable expectation on what I’ll be able to run there and just keep looking forward to push my limits a little more. On another note, I didn’t adjust my diet very well during my time off so I officially weight more than I ever have before now … I’m sure my parents are really happy about it but it’s not my ideal marathon running weight. I’m sure all my friends will make fun of me since I’m skinny but hey 7 lbs for a skinny guy like me in a marathon is a lot of extra weight to lug around for 26 miles!

Current Wins: Rain, weigh more than I ever have, snuggie

Current Losses: Sinus infection, weight, clean running shoes



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