Over the injury but not at the right fitness level

An interesting week and even more interesting and fun filled morning. I didn’t realize how long I’ve been dealing with my injury, I’m partly to blame since I didn’t back off enough when I needed to. But I don’t really regret that, I’m glad I managed to push more than I normally would. This weekend I was supposed to run the Texas Independence Relay with a group from work. Two weeks ago it was clear that I was going to be iffy at best and not in good shape for the run so I had to back off of that. This week I finally felt like I could start testing my legs out.

This week is an “up week” for the Team so I knew it would be tough coming back this week. We had a tough workout Tuesday which I cut short, instead of 5 sets like everybody else I did 3 since my calf was seizing up. Thursday was a fartlek workout and then some Steady pace, between marathon goal pace (MGP) and half marathon goal pace (HMGP) which I managed pretty well based on a 2:52:30 fitness. Today was a long run of 23.3 miles with 3 sets of 5 miles at MGP. My MGP for a 2:52:30 marathon is supposed to be a 6:35 minute per mile pace.

So how did it go?

The Good – The first time in over a month that I ran more than 14 miles. 23.3 baby! I was also given a nice gift by the guys I run with (more on that later in the post).

The Bad – I only managed 2 of the 5 mile sets at close to MGP and then blew up on the third set and ran that “easy”.

The Ugly – The cool down was brutal for me, even those I didn’t manage the third set.

Here are the details on the times and splits. My goal pace was 6:35

Set 1 – 6:30 6:27 6:32 6:45 6:54 – 33:10 (6:38 pace)
Set 2 – 6:32 6:27 6:21 6:39 6:59 – 33:01 (6:36 pace)
Set 3 – Blew Up 39:06

Last Time I did this workout for CIM on 10/25/08 when my goal pace was 6:53
Set 1 – 6:52 6:46 6:56 7:05 7:04 – 34:43 (6:57 pace)
Set 2 – 6:42 6:34 6:39 6:52 7:09 – 33:56 (6:47 pace)
Set 3 – 6:37 6:26 6:31 6:46 7:01 – 33:21 (6:40 pace)

As I reflect on the day I can rationalize away a lot and make whatever excuses I want to but in the end I just am where I am. No excuses. One thing I am glad about is that I set my mind to try and run 6:35 and just ran today. I adjusted well after the first set but just didn’t have it. Do I wish I could have run the 3rd set … hell yeah. But I didn’t and that’s just where I am. My endurance and fitness both aren’t quite where they need to be for a 2:52:30 marathon so I need to figure out what to adjust moving forward. Given this is my first week actually running again in a while I need to give it a couple of more weeks to know where I am.

The run started and finished at Central Market South and that’s where we got together for breakfast after the run.

The best part of what I ate was the coke and Gelato. I just didn’t have it in me to scarf down the eggs and potatoes.

A Gift I Will Never Forget

A Gift I Will Never Forget

As I get back with my gelato Mike stands up and starts talking. I’m thinking, is Mike going to get all emotional and make some sappy speach. Well he and the guys I’ve been running with a lot since last season wanted to encourage me to get better so they got me a card and a gift …  a “Snuggie”. The thought is much appreciated and I can’t wait to start running with everybody again. A great way to cap off a long run.


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