Running form analysis and injury

Last week I had Carmen video tape my running form. Today we got  a chance to look at the video footage and found some interesting things. My left leg (the one I’ve been having a little trouble with injury wise) does a few things differently from my right:

  • It tends to spend more time on the ground than the right foot.
  • On the toe off the left foot doesn’t flex as much, so there isn’t as much push off as just a lifting of the foot off the ground.
  • On push off my left leg doesn’t really straighten out much whereas the right does.
  • The kick back does not go as high in the back as the right.
  • When the leg comes forward it kind of just plops down under my hip instead of having a motion where it goes out forward and then pressing back into the ground to push me forward.

My right foot leg on the other hand comes up more in front and then the foot comes down and back when it hits the ground to propel me forward. The entire time through contact and push off the right side of body is upright (pretty much completely straight). As I move forward my foot flexes and my toes push off the ground where my leg almost becomes straight. So I end up having more forward thurst with the right leg, then the left leg just plops down and that’s putting more strain on the left leg. Instead of propelling me forward it’s kind of slowing me down and battling those forces.

I’ll try and get the video recording and post it soon but here you can see an elite runner (who I’m nowhere close to in speed, ability or form). Notice the extension on the foot that just pushed off, and the foot in front ready to come down in a backwards motion to propel the body forward.

Paula Radcliffe

As I try and get back into my running I’ll need to start focusing on this difference between my feet, trying to ensure I get my left leg back up and pushing backward when it lands and having good push off. Let’s see how it goes.


One comment

  1. Also notice the forward lean and how it appears she is NOT about to land on her heel. I share your pain, I struggle daily to fix my crappy mechanics and it is very difficult, especially when I get tired.

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