Not a 100% but on the road to recovery

Over the course of the last three weeks I think most parts of my lower left leg have had an issue. Everytime somebody asks me what’s wrong with my leg I kind of have to say stuff all over. Anterior Tibialis is where it started, then I had inflammation in the Tendon Sheath, now the Anterior Tib and a little in the calf. Overall, it means I’m not 100% and it looks unlikely that I’ll be in shape to run the Texas Independence Relay next weekend. That’ll be the first weekend I may have a chance of being in long run shape but I can’t really push it and doing the logistic prep with the group from work I’m running with is something we should get figured out now.

On a positive side, the leg is getting better, just need to be patient. Today I tried a new taping method to give some support to my Posterior Tib which helped quite a bit. The taping seems to be giving enough support so I can get a short run in without inflaming things so I can keep working on strengthening the muscles for the long term. You can read the instructions for this and taping the Anteior and Posterior parts of the leg here.

Current wins: Breakfast with team at Steve and Ruth’s, Nutella and whipped cream with waffles, leisure reading

Current losses: TIR out from running plans,


One comment

  1. What is this?! You agreed to be on someone else’s relay team after turning us down. We are fighting, ex-running husband. You have some ‘splainin’ to do. : )

    P.S. (Be patient with yourself. If you take the time off now to heal, you’ll blaze in Boston.)

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