Time for a little patience and keeping the real prize in mind

This is always the hardest thing. My last few posts have been about an injury I’ve been dealing with for a while. In the past as soon as something crops up I’ll generally go cold turkey (running wise) and stop running, then slowly build up. Since I hurt my leg this time I’ve still been running 45 to 50 miles a week (down from 80 to 90) instead of 0 to 20 miles and my leg hasn’t healed completely. I’ve taken 2 days off at a time but things haven’t gotten better. It’s a tough thing to deal with mentally because it seems like my off cycle seems to coincide with everybody else’s on cycle. In the last season I had side stitch issues around a Soul Buster that the crew nailed and I almost bailed (how’s that for a little rhyme). This Sunday we’re supposed to run the Austin Marathon and I had a goal of 12 to 18 miles at my marathon goal pace and next weekend is the first Soul Buster.

Somebody wrote the following in a message to me:

“Just be careful and keep your eye on Boston – that’s the real, prize, right?! “

YES. My goal (I like prize better so I’m going to start calling it a prize from now on) … my real prize is Boston on April 20th so it’s time for a little patience on my part. I’m taking a complete week off from running. I was going to do that this week but got greedy. The marathon on Sunday is a no go for sure and it looks like the Soul Buster next weekend is at risk too … the price of impatience but not the end of the world.

Current Wins: Time with family, Seinfeld and Springsteen tickets, my job

Current Losses: Readjustment to running plans



  1. OMG! What’s the deal with all the man cards being played tonight??? so the man card part is funny the injure part not so much. Get better soon.

    I like the switch from goal to prize. Good call fo’ sho!

  2. You mean man cards being revoked. Maybe men got hormonal around Marathons!

    I can’t take credit for the “prize” vs “goal” but I’m adopting it fo’ sho!

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