Running the downhills at the Boston Marathon and not blowing up

One thing I haven’t quite figured out how to effectively account for or train for is the significant downhill portion of the course. Being able to take advantage of it without ruining the quads for the uphill is something I’ve wondered about so I posted a question on the site.

Amy posted a link to a nice article and Gundi posted a response that I found useful. I did run the 3M part of my relay at my MGP. I didn’t feel my quads as much as I did other parts of my body so I guess I need to start focusing the downhill part of my runs moving forward.



  1. Here is my thought (first off, I have only done it once so am no expert). Stick to your MGP pace – and no faster through the first 16 – you will be tempted to run faster because there is a downhill trend. Don’t. If you have trained properly for your MGP and don’t thrash yourself in the hills – just maintain a smooth rythym – them the final six will be there. It will hurt but you won’t lose the kind of time you hear about. I think it really is all about the first 16 miles.

  2. Hey – just saved your blog to my delicious – looking forward to reading it often! My running partner (dog) will thank you for all the new training ideas!


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