Need to avoid getting lazy again

Lazy is relative, I should run over 90 miles this week (another record) but realized today that I’ve been lazy about doing the things I need to if I’m going to sustain my current training intensity. Things I have been doing:

  1. Getting all my runs in
  2. Hitting the gym twice a week

Things I haven’t been doing

  1. At home 15 minute weights routine twice a week
  2. Eating enough during the day … was doing well but started slacking off this week
  3. Sleeping a minimum of 7 hours (averaging 6 which is not good) … I should probably stop writing this post and go to bed 🙂

So … now that I’ve called myself out on the things I haven’t been doing it’s time to get them straighted away. I’ll have an update on how I do next week.


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