Good news about the foot leads to a little lack of control

Today’s run put me over 80 miles for a week of running, making it more than I’ve ever run in a week. Thursday I got the news that my MRI didn’t indicate a stress fracture in my right foot, there’s inflammation but it seems to be at the same level or less than when I started building my mileage up. I’ve been trying to run a larger amount of mileage, vary my paces and also run my easy runs at a “faster easy” pace than I did for CIM last season.

Today’s run started at Rogue and followed the Austin marathon course for most of it. As may other bloggers in Austin that have run this course on training runs have said this is not an easy course. Today we skipped the beginning part that takes Congress all the way up to 71 and did the rest of the course. This is not a fast course, it also didn’t strike me as a fun course. Now running a marathon and completing one is the biggest reward so none of that may matter but the “fast Austin course” we used to have is a thing of the past. The last few miles, as Mike pointed out, and we experienced today have some hills that you really just don’t want to see at that point in a race. You can find the entire course map here:

Since I got the all clear from the MRI I’ve felt better about keeping my pace up, focusing on my right foot push off to keep the pressure off the outside two toes in my foot. Today I ran this course with all the Rogue groups including the Team

Click on the Image to Zoom and See the Course Elevation

Click on the Image to Zoom and See the Course Elevation

There weren’t too many people doing 24 miles, those doing 22 didn’t go down Congress to Elizabeth, instead they go on the trail off Cesar Chavez. That mean I had two extra miles added in the beginning. This ended up being pretty nice since somewhere on Lake Austin Blvd and Enfield I started to see people running other distances and was able to use them to keep my pace and effort up. I didn’t want to go too fast since closing the last few miles was also a goal for today. My overall pace for the run was in the 7:10 minutes per mile range today, with the last 3 or 4 under 7:00 minutes per mile. I goal for this season is to be around a 7:20 pace overall for long runs, including the close at the end, so today was faster than I would have ideally wanted but the good news about the foot and having people to chase down made left me with a little more energy to push the pace today.

Once the run was done, I spent a decent amount of time using the Trigger Point stuff to work my soleus, compartments around the shins, quads, IT band, and my feet and then iced both feet to keep that inflammation under control while I work on some strengthening to relieve the pressure on the outside of my right foot.

Current Wins: Good long run, ran 80+ miles in a week, massage on Friday

Current Losses: House is a mess, behind on my reading


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  1. I disliked the course the first year (the hill on 381/2 just about killed me), last year was good – I didn’t find San Jac all that bad. I hate the course this year – you are right – not fun at all. It will be an expensive, supported long run for me. I am sad that this is where Austin’s marathon scene has gone and that to have a fun time, we have to go out of town.

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