Don’t have a stress fracture

I had my doctors appointment today to review the results of my MRI. My right foot has had this swelling around the fourth and fifth toe region since a couple of days before the CIM marathon on December 5th. The good news today was I don’t have a stress fracture, the inflammation though is till there so I need to keep getting work done on it and icing.

Since I’ve had this issue I’ve manged to keep it under control and have seem a little improvement over the past few weeks even as my mileage has ramped up. This morning was a 12 mile run, bringing me to 57  for the week. If I get my planned 24 mile run in on Saturday that’ll put me right over 80 miles for the week … more than I’ve ever run in a week.

Current Wins: No stress fracture,

Current Losses: Hydration, leisure reading



  1. Seems like hydration is a frequent issue for you. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought an IV while I’m sleeping, at work, driving would be great!!

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