First group run of the training season

Today was “Day 1” for the Boston Team Rogue group. Many of us have already been building up so the distances ranged between 8 and 16 miles today. I opted for 16 since I’m trying to get to 75 miles for the week. I ran 2 before the group started, wearing a little too much clothing so when I got back to the Rogue Annex I did get rid of the long pants and long sleeve upper layer which I swapped with a vest to block wind.

The run went pretty well, I did start feeling some of the traditional problem areas in my feet towards the end though so I need to pay some more attention to that. The issue in my right foot still hasn’t cleared up yet, I doesn’t really bother me while I’m running but continues to be swollen and tender when pressed into. Worst case it could be a stress fracture, best case a sprain. It first appeared the Friday before CIM and hasn’t gone away yet. The pain hasn’t really increased and I ran close to 75 miles last week without any discomfort. An MRI is in order now to see if it is a stress fracture so I can stop worrying about it either way and address the root cause.

Current Wins: Nutrition, running more in a week than I ever have before,

Current Losses: Unknown injury in right foot,



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