First run of 2009

I wasn’t planning on running today but the crew managed to convince me when we met up for our 10 mile run yesterday. Today was the 14th annual Runtex New Years morning run, it was a good crowd of people that met up north and ran down to Riverside. The weather started around 45 degrees and probably warmed up to 50 by the time I finished my run. Close to perfect running weather and a great start to the year. Towards the end of the run I ran into Joseph, somebody I’d run with, well more run behind and saw ahead of me a few years ago. It was good catching up with him, I need to keep in touch with the people I used to run with and try and mix up the folks running our “on our own” runs during the week.

After people left last night I decided to delay cleaning up so I could get enough sleep for the 13 mile run. Now it’s time to do a little house cleaning and then some r&r.

Current Wins: On target for 70 mile week, Austin weather, new friends,

Current Losses: Nutrition, sleep, leisure reading


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