An eventful year

It’s amazing how quickly the year has gone by. I had 3 different jobs, went from running at most 15 miles a week to averaging 60, and ran a marathon under 3 hours. There were also a lot of changes for friends and family:

  • Worked at a start-up for 9 months in between working two different jobs at the same company (yes that’s confusing)
  • Saw friends make a big change in their business, taking some risks to chase their dream
  • Got past the guilt of spending money on myself
  • Had 3 patents get approved … finally
  • Waited too long on the wrong platform and let the trains go by … figuratively
  • Ran a marathon under 3 hours
  • Read 7 books
  • Learned to be more trusting of people
  • Saw people that worked for me come into their own
  • Regretted not going with my gut instinct in work and life (read “Blink” if you haven’t already)
  • Found inspiration from a team that rekindled my passion for running
  • Didn’t spend enough time with long time friends and family
  • Served as a board president for a non-profit
  • Started using twitter
  • Went on vacation to Tuscany with lifelong friends
  • Learned what “creme fraiche” is
  • Took a weekend trip to London on a whim to visit friends


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