Pretty impressed with Mark at South Congress Gym

I went to see Mark at South Congress Gym (Athletic Club) to get checked out. He spent about an hour with me mainly looking at me from lots of different angles. He mentioned lots of things which will help define the program he’s going to put together for me but I was amazed at some of the things he picked up on:

  • My neck: The right side is more developed than the left.
  • My feet: The tendon on the right foot is more pronounced or in use than the left (more weight bearing)
  • My toes: The way my calluses in my big toes have developed are different showing that I push off different and have differing weight distribution
  • My back/spine: Has a twist down to the side on the right and also rotational.
  • My right foot: Pronates just a little bit while the left doesn’t

There were a few other things he noted about my shoulders and … well I couldn’t keep track of everything he noted. All this analysis really means I need to focus on adjusting some rotational and lateral twist in my upper body which is working it’s way down my feet where I’m getting injured over time (repeatedly in some cases). It really was interesting to me as he described what he saw related it to the injuries/aches and pains I’ve been prone to. I’ll be back to see him a couple of times next week to get my program in place and then start on retraining my body and make the adjustments I need to.

Current Wins: X-ray in right foot clear, hydration back on track, time with my nephew this weekend

Current Losses: Right foot still not cured, X-rays are error prone,



  1. What kind of program is he doing for you?? Is it mostly strength? Is he a marathoner, a running coach?? I’m super curious, sounds like you got some great feedback… but what next?

  2. It will be a strength program. I’m going to see him again Monday and Wednesday to review what he’s designed and get him to walk me through it. I’ll be sure to post an update then.

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