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After a few recent conversations with people going through the spectrum of tweaks to injuries and it got me to thinking about something that can be annoying at times about the folks that the title of this post mentions … this is based on what some of the people I’ve talked to recently have said about feeling like they’re not getting better.  You hear at times that if you go to a chiropractor you’ll be going to him/her forever … that can be true of all of them.

When I’m injured or suffer a tweak I tend to have a goal on how to address it, which varies based on where I am in my training and how close a race is. Ideally I don’t just want to address the symptom (pain, tightness, inflammation) but get down to the cause of the symptom and fix it. Getting rid of the pain etc is of course something I focus on but if I don’t figure out what caused the issue in the first place what’s to say it won’t happen again.

For example, I’ve suffered from runners knee in the past and the “solution” was to rest, ice, take some time off. The real reason was I had an imbalance in my interior quad muscle (not sure about the technical name) which is weaker. The fix is squats with my feet at different angles (in, straight and out). As long as I keep doing them on some regular basis I don’t suffer from runners knee. So if you have plantar, shin pain etc you can fix the pain but getting to the root is the problem.

Now back to our medical professionals, there are times where you get the … “you shouldn’t be running, that’s why you’re injured”. To those folks, well they don’t really get more business from me as a runner. Then there are people that will keep loosening what’s tight with massages or release techniques. The real gems are the ones that do this AND figure out what is causing the tightness so I can avoid it in the future. If you’re not getting the service you deserve ask for it and if somebody can’t deliver ask your friends about something that they like and try them out … remember that YOU’RE THE BOSS!

Current Wins: Cold weather and bundling up,

Current Losses: Cold weather as an excuse not to run, task force reccomendations for downtown races



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