Keeping the legs loose through short runs

It is now a week after the marathon and today I went for my second recovery run, a 3 mile run around Town Lake. It’s over 75 degrees today which is crazy for Austin. Overall the run went well, I ran for 9 to 10 minutes before taking a little time to stretch and then finished off the run in somewhere around 22:45 There was no soreness anywhere in my legs but a little tightness around my Achilles and calf … time for some TP massage and ice. I hope to get another 3 runs in during the week before the 6 to 7 mile run on Saturday. After that if everything is feeling ok I’ll try and ramp up to 60 miles in two weeks hopefully and then build up from there to hit my new base target.

I also got a great picture from Julia today from CIM. It’s the first picture I’ve seen where it looks like I’m actually running!

Mile 10.5 at CIM

Mile 10.5 at CIM

Current Wins: Fun weekend seeing lots of friends, decent recovery runs, catching up on Heroes

Current Losses: Nutrition, hydration, distrust of senses


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