The reward at the end of the marathon

At a celebration dinner yesterday people asked to see the medal, which I don’t carry around with me. Here’s a picture of the medal and the pace band, the little marks on the pace band are there to remind me of when to GU and take thermolytes.



  1. my medal mysteriously fell out of my pocket 3 times today. At the bank, HEB, and at Victoria’s Secret. The chicks were really impressed with it, and the story that went along with it!

  2. I have mine hanging at the office… of course my coworkers have no clue so it’s not as fun to brag. One co-worker congratulated me on my 26th finish. She said, “Wow, you said 6,000 raced and you placed 26th, congratulations!!” I said, “Thank you.”

  3. Mike – Victoria’s Secret??? Foho – they didn’t ask you how long “that” marathon was? My dog broke my kinda cheezy Decker medal today!

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