Getting all the race gear into a carry on

This is another fun part about out of town marathons, the paranoia of something going wrong with bags. It makes good sense to get everything you need for the race into a carry on. I would have ideally not checked anything in but the 1 quart bag for liquids creates a bit of a problem. My 10 Gus I’m taking with me alone use up close to half of the bag, then you add in body glide, nasal spray and so on and there isn’t enough room for toiletries. So now I have a relatively light bag I’ll be checking in as well. Now I wonder if I have to take my shoes off and then also the race shoes in the bag out ?

Worst case if my checked in bag gets lost I have everything I need for race day and there has to be a mall I can go to to stock up on everything else.


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