Feeling the pace and knowing your plan versus the pace group

I really hope this is what the marathon feels like but today’s 3×2 Miles at marathon goal pace went well. The first mile set was fast and then it was a matter of adjusting the pace. According to gmap-pedometer (could be off a little) the loop was right under 2.04 miles. My target was a 6:53 pace:

2.04 M Loop
1st Set: 13:45 for 6:44 pace
2nd Set: 13:58 for 6:51 pace
3rd Set: 13:55 for 6:49 pace

The good thing was that I felt under control during the sets. At times it was one of those zen like moments where I felt like I could hold that pace forever … well let’s hope that I can for the 26.2 miles at CIM this Sunday.

On another note I’m made my paceband for CIM, just doing a flat pace to get in at 2:59:59 so I know where I am relative to that. I enquired with the pace group leader for 3 hours and his plan and mine are probably not going to work out. He plans on slowing down and giving up time towards the end. So I’ll likely start out with the pace group, but not try and keep up with them but slowly give some distance to them as they’ll be running the first half fast … well that’s their plan. Either way my plan is to stick to a 6:52ish pace for the first 20 miles and then try and pick up the pace gradually.



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