Snacks for Marathon Weekend – Check

I haven’t really got too much that I’m taking with me, the goal isn’t taste or variety just get the food I need into me. So my big list of stuff I’m taking with me is:

  1. Box of Cliff Bars (12 mojo bars). I’ll probably end up going through 6 on Fri and Sat and one Sun morning.
  2. Nutella. I do NOT like peanut butter. I think PB is an American thing and try as I might to like it it just isn’t going to happen.
  3. Nuun electrolyte tabs.

One nice thing about the hotel is the rooms have kitchenettes so space to put food and keep it cool. Once in Sacramento I need to make a few purchases:

  1. Bread. For the Nutella 🙂
  2. Bottles of water.
  3. Bottles of Gatorade (yuck), Vitamin Water (not as yuck) or other “energy drink”.

Time to start laying out all the clothes and stuff for the trip now to make sure I have everything I need.



  1. Why Vitamin Water if you’re bringing NUUN?
    Don’t forget post race food. Never trust out of town marathon to have the food you want!

  2. people usually learn this the hard way – gatorade does not work. it’s gross and has tons of fake sugars in it. i would suggest drinking nuun for electrolytes and using gels or hammer heed for calories. there are a lot of products out there that are for athletes, gatorade is not one of them.

    nuun also makes a great vitamin water tablet, all natural too – it’s call u (pronounced you).

    good luck!

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