Last long run – check

Today was a 13 mile run, we’re one week out now from CIM. It was a easy long run with us closing the last 15 or so minutes. Total run was around a 7:30 pace and I’m guessing I was in the low 6 min pace range for my last two miles.

Today was also another test of the race gear. I wore the Team Rogue singlet and shorts, race socks, pinned Gus as I would (had an extra one to pretend) and also the termolytes. For the termolytes I used Mike’s patented technique which worked great … thanks Mike for the technique and the baggies. Everything seems to be in place now as far as those logistics go, now it’s a matter of going out and running the race according to plan.

Current Wins: Aches and pains maintained at the same level, 4 day weekend, blue

Current Losses: Overcast sky, swelling on underside of right foot


One comment

  1. Congrats on finishing your last long run. You’re ready for your race! I know you’re going to do so well. I’m expecting a phone call after you finish.

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