LabWindows/CVI brings back some memories

I was reading this post from a Test Engineer that at Lockheed Martin and it brought back some memories. Yes, I’ve been a LabVIEW guy for a while now. All my roles in R&D and marketing have been related to LabVIEW but when I interned at NI I started out in the Instrument Driver group. During that time I developed drivers in LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI (including IVI drivers) and was amazed at how CVI made C development for test applications so much simpler. It’s wasn’t just the libraries but the functional panels and the debugging. It was then I realized that my professors forced us to use gcc for all our development just to make me miserable. Well, ok that wasn’t really it, I’m assuming it was so we really had to understand what was really going on from a memory management and other perspectives but it was clear at that point that work tools and school tools would be very different.

I haven’t used CVI in a while now but every once in a while I do like to install the latest version to see how things have changed. Thanks for the reminding me about my experience with CVI JA Varnell … I may just have to install it again on my new machine, just don’t tell anybody on my team 🙂

Back to instrument drivers, I thought I’d check to see if the last one I worked on as an intern is still up on the Instrument Driver Network and it is. Check it out (ouch 2 out of 5 rating)



  1. Hey, Thanks for the mention. CVI 9.0 (on NIs Beta site) seems to work well. But then you would have to sign up and your name may be associated with CVI again.

    Also, your driver doesn’t deserve a 2…even if it is in LabVIEW. I’d rate it higher then that, but then my name may be linked to LabVIEW.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hmmm. It never occurred to me before, but maybe NI’s secret strategy has been to make development environments “so easy that an Aggie can use them.” I’m just sayin’…

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