Throw away layer – check

Goodwill rocks. It’s good for not only giving but getting. It’s a great place to find race gear, especially throw away layers. I ended up keeping a few things from a batch I was dropping off and picked up a few.

Throw away clothes for CIM

Throw away clothes for CIM

The Mizuno jacket and the tights were my purchases from Goodwill today. Yes, the tights are women’s tights … they didn’t have any mens sports wear … c’est la vie. The shirt is a polo I was giong to get rid of, the buttons are nice since I can leave them open which makes it easy to get rid of them. The Hat and scarf are a pair I’ve had for close to 8 years I was going to drop off today but kept for the race instead. The socks are … well those are my version of a throw away gloves.

One more thing off the list for the marathon.


One comment

  1. It takes a very secure man to admit he bought women’s tights. 🙂 Good job marking this step off the check list. Rock on, Goodwill.

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