Better eating, better planning

This weekend was a nice relaxing one, lots of time to catch up and relax. After the final Soul Buster on Saturday most of the day was spent not doing anything, then Sunday was an easy 8 mile run and a relaxing day. I finally bought real groceries and cooked, trying to eat a little better and get the right amount of carbs and protein … and actually eat breakfast. I figure I can try and get better at my nutrition while I have some relative down time since that’s a big goal for me for the next round of training.

Today was a rest day since getting my mileage down by 20 to 30 percent this week for the taper will require cutting some runs out. Also went to the happy hour, I mean office hours with Steve, and that was good to get the final race plan in place. My A goal when I started this program was Boston and CIM was a stepping stone and I did lost track of that. So for CIM the plan is to go out at a 3 hour pace by feel and then push hard the last 6 miles. This sound normal to most people but I am very anal about paces and this is another exercise for me to not necessarily break the metronome but be able to not be a slave to it.


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