Good run but not the smartest

Today was our last long run, another Soul Buster. The idea was to warm-up around a mile and a half before running hard on a track, some people went all out, I’ve got some lingering tweaks from compensating for my foot soreness so I decided a 5:30 mile would be good to get lactic acid built up but keep my stride in control. The mile ended being at 5:30 exactly so that was good.

Then a 2 mile recovery followed by 10 miles at MGP. The 3 miles points (3, 6, and 9) were marked out by cones and I’d gone into gmap last night to see were (round about the 3 mile marks were) since I don’t wear a garmin. My overall pace was good but my mile paces and effort seemed erratic. I’m usually very good about running my own run but got sucked in by the guys I was running with … lesson learned, CIM will be a solo effort mentally. I realize there may be folks running with me at the 3:00 goal but our running styles are way too different and I need to keep trusting myself.

During the 10 mile MGP I was hoping to use each 3 mile set as kind of a way to model the race at CIM, running the first 3 at the pace my first phase of close to 18 miles would be (6:50) then a little faster till 22 (6:47) and then 6:45 or faster. Those are pretty close to each other but really it was about the slight increase in effort and gauging it.

That was not what I did, each mile was erratic and I ended up at:

3 Mile Splits    Pace
20:21             6:47
20:22             6:47
20:03             6:41
6:47 (last mile)

Over all 10 Miles: 1:07:33 at 6:45 Pace

A good run from an overall pace perspective but wasn’t what I was mentally trying to do so I have some work to do there. The end of the MGP run put us at the Rock and then it was up through Barton Hills and winding our way back to Rogue.

Overall run had my pace right between a 7:20 and 7:25 pace.

Current Wins: Injuries and tweaks getting under control, cold(er) weather, thermolytes seem to work for me, box of GU for the race

Current Losses: Nutrition, little time with family,



  1. I am so with you about the individual effort in the race. I am very good at getting at a pace and staying there but it is much more difficult when you are with others. I practiced that in the 10 mile race recently – running by effort and parcelled out my energy perfectly. I never particularily responded to the splits – just took them for what they were.

  2. Sorry for busting your metronome Kamran. I can tell you that the 3:10 train was very glad to see me going for 3! We were on a very consistent pace for the 6 miles that I let you lead and we only got consistently fast when I moved out front. I could feel you pulling back so you’re instincts were right on. You showed your strength in the Barton hills, dropping me pretty convincingly.

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