Careful what you wish for … breaking the metronome

I posted in September about needing to get a little uncomfortable with my running and “breaking the metronome” I guess I should have thought about what that meant, for me right now it’s meant not having the same consistency and ability to lock into my different paces. I started doing in September working in a workout a week at a 2:55 marathon goal based pace and then slowly worked up to two and then all of them. I’ve managed to do that, when I’m tiered it ends up being more 2:57ish pace these days.

Today we were supposed to run 6 reps of 1 mile at 10k pace. Which should be 5:59 min/mile pace for a 2h:55m marathon and 6:10 min/mile for a 3h marathon. So what did I do today:

  1. 6:00
  2. 5:56
  3. 6:11
  4. 5:56
  5. 6:00
  6. 6:13

The metronome is not what it used to be, which I guess is what I was trying for. Now I just need to come to terms with what this means for my race plan, I think my goal was to not be a metronome in training when I need to push myself but now need to get back into metronome mode for the early parts of the marathon. Should be fun trying to settle back in.


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