Feeling the pain I should after a 50k run

Today marked a pretty nice milestone. I ran for a longer time and distance than I ever have before. 4 hours, 6 minutes and 21 seconds for a distance of 31.33 miles … a pace around 7:52 min per mile. My first marathon in 2002 was in a time of 3 hours and 57 minutes (a little over 9 minute miles). A training run of this distance seems insane but we’ve been regularly running 20+ mile Saturday runs this season so this was a run that really did bring about the fatigue I remember from earlier training seasons.

From ’04 to ’06 when I was training with Rogue for marathons I remember how after every run over 16 miles I’d finish the run all tight, sore and waddling. This time with Team Rogue, we’ve been training for almost 25 weeks, we’ve had lots of runs over 20 miles and because of the big base mileage phase those haven’t really resulted in the tightening and soreness I remember from previous training seasons. Today’s 30+ miler brought all those fond memories back.

I was glad to have Bruce, Damon, Charles, Jason, Ken and Mike’s company on during the run. This was one where having people there to run with made a huge difference. There were lots of ups and downs, feelings of “I can’t go on” followed by “this is fine” … goes to show that with long distance running how you feel at any given time isn’t really a make or break issue, many times you can just hold on, get through whatever is bothering you and come out the other end stronger.


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