4 Weeks to the Marathon

Today is 4 weeks out from the Marathon. Sunday December 7th is the California International Marathon which most of Team Rogue is racing. Today was a 20 mile run, with a 10 mile race in there. Today was the second race in the Austin Distance Challenge, the Run for the Water 10 Miler. Different people in the team had different plans, some raced it as a 10 Miler, others ran it as MGP but everybody got in close to 20 miles.

Today was a test of a number of things for me.

  • My foot/injury
  • My ability to gauge marathon goal pace (MGP)
  • The new Team Rogue racing outfit

My assessment/grade of these three things:

My Foot: D

I’ve had soreness on the top of my left foot and some issues with ligiments connecting to my toes for a couple of weeks. It doesn’t seem to have gotten worse but it hasn’t gotten better either. I felt some discomfort on the 6 mile warm-up and the first 8 miles of the 10 mile race, the last two miles weren’t too bad but on the cool down I could feel it again.

I do feel good now about how I’ve been taking care of the foot, regular about icing and stretching. Tomorrow the plan is to make an appointment to see a doctor. I have four weeks till the marathon so there is time, I just need to be smart about it.


I lucked out today since Damon, Jason and Tausha were all trying to run around a 6:47 pace for their 10 miles and that is around my MGP. I’d say I’m between 6:47 and 6:53 for my MGP range. We ran pretty cose to 6:47’s, probably a little faster for some of the miles and it felt good. Over the remaining weeks I need to get a better feel for the paces, but overall I think it’s now down to fine tuning.

Team Rogue Outfit: A

Tried out the full outfit today, short and top. I like the way they feel. Did notice that the Nike Swoosh is embroidered so put a bandaid there but overall it was very comfortable to run in. I’ve already got a pair of the same shorts so those weren’t anything new to really deal with.

The next thing is to break in my race shoes. I’ll probably run a couple of short runs and then the 30 miler next weekend and put them aside for the race.

Current Wins: Rock Band jam sessions with friends, Team Rogue outfit, cleaner condo

Current Losses: Left foot injured,


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