Fine but not 100%

Today was the first hardish workout for my right foot since it became sore last weekend. The workout was 20×200 at 5k pace. There wasn’t any discomfort, on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d say a 1 at most. What I did notice however was that my form has changes a little, mainly related to my foot-strike.

In general, especially at faster paces like 5k pace, I tend to land more on my mid to fore foot. When I focused on that today I did notice a little more discomfort in my left foot … again nothing painful but different. So I seem to be landing more flat overall on my left foot which isn’t idea. Need to keep icing, stretching and taking the ibuprofen to get it to 100% fixed so my stride is where it needs to be. Gives me something to focus on this week and next šŸ™‚


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