Happy Halloween, a LabVIEW R&D tradition continues

Since the earliest versions of LabVIEW there has been an ongoing tradition. “The Halloween Demo Day” (technically not always held on October 31st). The Halloween demo day is a part of the culture of the LabVIEW development team where the R&D team shows features in work for the upcoming version and also some things that are multiple versions out. A number of people from different groups are invited including other engineering groups, product marketing and product managers, and some of the officers. If you closely in the picture you’ll also see Jeff K, “the father” of LabVIEW enjoying some demos.

LabVIEW Halloween Demo Day

LabVIEW Halloween Demo Day

The demo day serves a number of purposes. From a project management standpoint it is a milestone for development and research iterations. It can also be a forcing function for integration of different sub-systems since getting a demo that is understandable by a non-developer requires a coherent vertical slice of functionality.

For engineers on the team it’s a nice way to show off the things they’ve been working on and trying to figure out. It also is good opportunity for our product marketing managers to get an early and relatively raw take of how the features work and provide feedback on the things that have the greatest potential as well usability improvements.


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  1. Thanks for this post, Kamran. It makes me wish I could have been there 😉 I’m sure there’s lots of great stuff in the LabVIEW feature pipeline that would be fun to see. I like the photo, too. It’s nice to get a peek behind the development process (and also see some familiar NI faces).

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