Could this be an injury coming on?

If you’ve been reading my blog or are in Team Rogue you know about my foot sprain earlier during this training season. When we started our warm-up for the MGP run yesterday and today when I did my easy 5 mile loosen the legs up run I felt some soreness on the top of my foot, similar to the sensation when I had my foot sprain but not as bad. This of course has me a little worried about where things are with my foot so now I need to be careful about not straining it.

The plan for the week is to:

  1. Take it easy on the Tuesday and Thursday runs if I’m feeling any discomfort.
  2. Get in to see Lisa and get a massage.
  3. Make sure I tie my laces correctly since that seems to have an impact.
  4. Take lots of ibuprofen, stretch and ice.

Current Wins: Cheese bread, rock band jam session, lunch with a cute girl

Current Losses: Foot soreness,


  1. I third the comments above. Lunch with a cutie???

    Take it easy on your foot. You ARE going to have a great CIM. You just have to let your body heal and get you there!

  2. Hahaha, funny how everyone is curious about the “cute girl” and not the foot šŸ™‚ Hope you had a great lunch and more in the future… and listen to your foot šŸ™‚ I find myself freaking out like I’m in taper madness and we still have a month left!!

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