Learning to let go

This is another one of those, trying to apply lessons from running to life posts. One of the hardest things while training seems to be coming to terms with where I am and what I’m capable of at that given time. Now this can go both ways, sometimes wanting too much and other times being too cautious and maybe not reaching my potential. In general thought I think most of us in Team Rogue have been very good this season about setting out goals, evaluating where we are, taking any bumps in the road in stride and making any adjustments.

When I started out this season I thought the best I could do would be to be in 2006 Boston marathon shape by next April. As we moved through the base phase and started on some faster pace work 3 hour marathon shape seemed reasonable by CIM, so I entered it. Now I’m working on some paces faster than that, but not pushing too hard since I don’t want to risk injury … really get in good shape and form good habits so I am in a position to push myself harder in my training after CIM for Boston. All very reasonable.

Now, for some reason I don’t seem to be able to apply this reasonableness to the rest of my life. Apart from running, there’s work, non-profit work, trying to work on a start-up on the side, and making time to enjoy life and time with friends. For some reason I have preconceived notions about what defines “success” in each of these areas, but my current definition means I’m doomed for failure. Just don’t have enough time or mental/emotional capacity to handle it all. Now begins the not so fun time for me to re-evaluate my “success” criteria for all these things and figure out what I will and won’t be making time for, unless somebody out there has a way of making time … what I really need is the power of Hiro Nakamura.

Today’s Run: 14 Miles

Current Wins: Understanding what I need to accomplish at work, chance of a trip to Switzerland in March,

Current Losses: Understand what I need to get done at work, tough trade-offs,


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