Great day for Team Rogue at the IBM 10k

Today was a great day, the weather, the atmosphere and a good tune up for Team Rogue. I posted yesterday that was a test for me and set out my target and goal. I know I’m in sub 3 hour shape, my workouts at 3 hour pace feel relatively easy but today I wanted to knock out a 3 hour marathon equivalent 10k which is a 38:21 or a 6:10 pace. I wanted to feel comfortable at this since that is the goal at CIM in December and then all out for Boston.

I managed a 38:07 with the following splits today:
12:15 (no three mile mark)
6:24 (mile 5 must have been off, that’s my thought since my effort wasn’t less and others said they also found it too slow)

So I was on target for what I wanted to achieve today and am very happy with that. The effort wasn’t uncomfortable, there were times I was holding back because I wanted to just make sure I hit the 6:20. This is also a PR by over a minute which is good. The team did well overall, lots of PRs and some good age group placements. One of our team mates finished 3rd overall and Mike, put together an age group finish ranking:


What’s crazy is we all ran 10 miles yesterday since this isn’t our A race and the warmup today ranged from 4 to 5.25 miles so this wasn’t a “fresh” legs race.

Today’s run: Post Above

Current wins: Friend with a 6 minute PR at the 10k, Friend with a 7 min PR at Nike Women’s (PR was 9 years ago) and a 41 min faster run than last year, day at the lake with the Sensei

Current losses: Side stitch continues to plague my runs, too much lake water up the nose



  1. I had to call out some things left out from Wish’s post on the runtex site:

    Chris Kimbrough trains with Carmen and Ricardo Troncoso (also Rogue coaches), Masters Winner Christine Egli is a part of Team Rogue, Kevin Irwin is also part of Team Rogue … I know it because he laps me 🙂

    And of course there were all the other age group finishes for Team Rogue (not even counting the rest of the Rogues) that Mike has shared.

  2. Friend with a 7 min PR at Nike Women’s
    She’s pretty much a rock star! I’m thrilled for her.

    Congrats on your day, Kamran. You looked relaxed, great.

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