Visualizing to prep for a 10k

Tomorrow is the IBM 10K which the team is supposed to “race”. Now we ran 10 miles today and are supposed to run a 4 mile warmup and a 4 mile cool down. The goal is to race but I think it’s also to be tired since this is part of our training leading up to CIM in December.

I feel confident in my fitness to run a 3 hour marathon but have been fighting a side stitch and some muscular issues realted to that. So for tomorrow I’m getting my mind into a 3 hour marathon equivalent 10k which would be 6:10 pace.

The course is fast the fast two miles and the last two have some hills. My race plan is to go out at a 6:15 pace for the first couple of miles then down to a 6:10 for two and then push as hard as I can for the last 2.25. The fifth mile has a decent hill so it make it touch to make up the 5 seconds from the 6:15 miles but I hope to be able to push through it. Let’s see what happens, that’s the plan I’m getting my mind wrapped around and there may be a minor tweak here or there today but once I lock in there’s no second guessing tomorrow.


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