Starting fresh

This is my first week at my new “old job”. Yes after a short stint in startup land with cool title and lots of fun experiences I’m back at NI. Not only am I back at NI but I’ve moved on from my close to 4 year stint in Product Marketing and am in the LabVIEW R&D group. Since my career has ranged, from tech support, to web, to R&D, to marketing and now back to R&D I’m not sure if I quite qualify as an “Engineer” but that’s what I went to school for. So I’m hoping to use this forum to share thoughts on the challenges of development in general, and of LabVIEW specifically and also try and include some useful information for people developing in LabVIEW.



  1. Welcome back Kamran!

    Years ago when working at DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) they we starting the walk along the “Down-sizing” path I said “They should start by laying-off managers and keeping laying them off until someone notices.”


    I was a very short time before we noticed you were gone! (smiley-wink)


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