Fear, conservatism and hoping it all comes together

When I started getting back into this training season I was very apprehensive if not fearful. It was a combination of things that lead to that mindset. I haven’t run a marathon since Boston in ’06, any training I did since then was for 5k’s and 10k’s, and my max mileage was probably around 40 and then the 7 to 8 months leading into May/June I was probably lucky to get 20 miles in on a given week. I was worried about where my fitness was and the higher risk to getting injured getting into such an intensive training regimen. As I started out I wanted to be conservative, the goal for me was that by April ’09 I wanted to be in the same marathon running shape as I was in when I ran Boston in ’06 … around 3:00 hour fitness.

This also meant getting control of myself as far as what mileage I targeted in the base phase. Since I was coming in from months of 15 miles a week I thought 70 as a max was all I could handle. I hit that and then had my foot sprain, not completely unexpected and again at that point I thought 2 to 4 weeks off isn’t going to really be an issue given the base I’d built and the 3:00 target. As I got back into the swing of things and then hit the point where the 3:00 target seems very doable so I’ve been working in some workouts with a 2:55 based fitness target.

I started by choosing one workout on a given week at a 2:55 based pace and now am getting towards 2 of the workouts being at a 2:55 based pace. Things seems to be coming along so far, as the aches and pains increase on a given week I’ll need to back off to the 3:00 paces … walking that fine line of pushing harder but not loosing focus that I need to be able to run at CIM and get under 3:00 and my Boston Qualifier. If I can remain injury free, and build the strength and core and other things I need to getting to CIM I hope I have the overall fitness and strength to really push myself hard in the training leading up to Boston and leave it all out on the course at Boston. Let’s see what happens.

Today’s Run:
10 K Pace
3:00 – 6:10 or 1:32.5 per lap
2:55 – 5:59 or 1:30 per lap (Target Today)
1:30 (32) 1:31 (33) 1:31 (32) 1:30 (2:06)
1:29 1:31 (1:05) 1:30 1:30 (2:42)
1:30 1:31 1:29 1:29 (2:19)
1:28 1:30 (1:06) 1:29 1:31 (2:30)
1:29 (34) 1:28 (36) 1:28 (34) 1:31 (35) 1:29 (33) 1:30 (35) 1:29 (32) 1:28



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