Deciding what events we should have downtown

The whole process with the task force has been very frustrating at times. It’s one of those things where everything is so general or way down in the weeds. So today I asked a friend for a spreadsheet used for multi-variate attribute valuation for things like lead scoring … ok yes, you must be asking what the hell are you talking about. Bear with me.

For events the task force has talked about a number of things like economic impact, non-profit beneficiary, roads impacted, day and time of day as factors. But the voting so far has been about each item. Saying that “non-profit beneficiary” should not be a requirement for a permit. Well that all makes sense but the reality is that for almost all items a all or nothing consideration won’t work. We need to list all the attributes or considerations, and then rate them.

Here’s a spreadsheet I’ve shared (hope it works with google docs, post a comment if you want the .xls file) with a couple of task force members to try and provide a framework of sorts to more systematically define the attributes that should be used to evaluate events. This isn’t quite what this spreadsheet was originally designed for but hopefully it’s a starting point.

Today’s Run: 5 Miles at 7:08 pace

Current Wins: Relaxing vacation in London, 3 visits to the gym in two weeks, Clean car, Evolving friendships

Current Losses: No running at all in London, No license/inspection for scooter, Less than one week left off


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