Businesses that are good to runners

With all the annoyingness of the Task Force trying to kill races where they can I thought some positivity was in order. There was a recent survey that Rogue did on this and I thought, who are all the businesses that we go to that are runner friendly … I don’t mean running stores or training groups but businesses who’s business really isn’t running.

I started a discussion on on this:

I listed the Starbucks that a few people mentioned on our long runs as well as Russel’s bakery on Hancock. I would probably add Juan in a Million too, they put up with all the smelly runners, have great service and the food comes out quickly and consistently.

I’m wondering what the other places are you’ve come to appreciate for their running friendliness. Share yours on this forum link:

Todays Run
4 Mile Tempo (6:33, 6:25, 6:33, 6:10) – (3:00 marathon pace target today of 6:30)
4×200 (38s per 200) – (Too fast for 5k pace)

Current Wins – Leisure reading, Able to complete workouts with breathing issues, Not Working

Current Losses – Breathing issues during workouts, delay to core work because of back/chest issues



  1. Cuz we never saw the results…that’s why. I vote for any convenience store that happily lets runners use their bathrooms when the sign on the bathroom door says employees only (7-11 at 2222 and Burnet) and coffee shops that have water coolers and glasses and they don’t mind runners having some without buying a thing (there is one right before you cross Dean Keaton and go into campus – can’t think of the name).

  2. We never saw the results because the survey just closed. We’ll post something about it soon. Meanwhile, some of the results were Whole Foods, Quality Cleaners, Starbucks, HEB, and Jack and Adams… We’re taking the top 7 and giving awards to those businesses. I think we might try to do some runs incorporating them on the route or something. I thought it was funny that so many people put RunTex and Rogue… um, yeah. They are running businesses…

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