A new ailment and a good workout

I’ve been struggling since I got back into the swing of training after the 2 weeks off related to my foot sprain. This run this weekend was no exception, with discomfort in my right side in the mid chest area the entire run. I finally listened to a good friend and had it checked out. Saw Lisa yesterday to get work done on … well a new area for me, not my legs but my upper body. Found that my abdomen was abnormally tight and had some areas in between ribs that were tender. Most of the issues are related more to twisting, things caused by two monitors and not looking straight ahead etc. My sitting arrangement at my job wasn’t the best when it came to posture and angle for my head so that has something to do with it, I remember that at my last job I’d taken some time to get the right tray for the keyboard and had the monitors setup so I’d generally be looking straight ahead. All these things weren’t an issue 6 years ago but they are now. C’est la vie.

Today is the 4th and I think final week for our hill phase and we did the same workout as two weeks ago. I was a minute faster than last time on the way out and 40 seconds faster on the way back, probably a little too fast on the way back but I was glad I managed to push the 1 min on 1 min off on the way out for the 2.9 miles. The most important thing was that the work yesterday that Lisa did seemed to loosen up my upper body so breathing was much easier and there was little to no discomfort. I just need to keep an eye on things, stretch and watch my posture.

Current Wins – Heroes season premier, started a new book, upgraded to leopard

Current Losses – Friend still dealing with injury, need to hold ab-work till chest issue is under control


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