Second set of scenic hill repeats and weeks going according to plan … so far

This is the third week into the hill phase and we’re repeating our the last two weeks. Tuesday was a progressive pace, with a slight twist compared to last time, and today the workout was scenic hill repeats … 6 instead of 4 from two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I commented about the goal of the workout and how it kind of held steady. And I’ve recently been felling good about 3:00 hour marathon based pace work and have chosen a workout a week (pre-chosen so I don’t rationalize it away on the day) to work closer to a 2:55 based pace:

Marathon Time   MGP       1/2MGP
2:59:59              6:53,      6:31
2:54:59              6:41,      6:20

The workout I choose to do this for this week was the Tuesday progressive pace run. Two weeks ago the workout was 4 miles up, then 2 at MGP+10 seconds, 2 at MGP and then 2 faster than MGP. This week was 2 miles up, then 4 at MGP, 2 at 1/2MGP and 2 faster. Two weeks ago I did them based of a 3:00 and this week to push closer to 2:55. The splits ended up working out well and I felt good about pushing a little harder out of my comfort zone. The weather was fabulous too so that probably had something to do with it:

Two Weeks Ago
6:52 7:11 (3 Hour MGP+10 = 7:02)
6:38 6:53 (3 Hour MGP = 6:52)
6:39 6:26 (3 Hour HMGP = 6:31)

This Week
6:43, 6:48, 6:54 6:29 (2:55 MGP = 6:41)
6:10, 6:17 (2:55 HGMP = 6:20)
6:16, 6:02 (Good enough)

I’ll keep picking a workout a week for the next month to work closer to a 2:55 pace, hopefully start feeling better about those paces by CIM and then use that as a starting point for Boston training. The workout today went pretty well. Managed to run up scenic hill faster than I EVER have on the 5th set with a time of 2:10. I of course paid for it on the 6th set but was able to keep that at a 2:20 so I was really happy with pushing to the edge … I haven’t quite figured out if this is trying to break the metronome or tune it … time will tell.

Current Wins – Packed up at the office, Getting better at pushing the edge on workout

Current Losses – Nutrition (ice cream and milkshakes too regular), no plans for the 3 week break between jobs


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