Good week of measured control

I’m feeling my way into the push harder on some runs at a 2:55 marathon level instead of 3:00 mode. This week I selected the Rollers on Tuesday as my work at 2:55 level instead of 3:00. I managed that pretty well so am happy with being able to push a little harder than I normally would for a “tempo” pace. The other nice thing has been that 3:00 marathon pace workouts seem to be “comfortable”. “Comfortable” is a loaded word, it’s never really easy running under 7 min pace for me but for the Thursday tempo run and the closing of the last 3 miles on the 17 mile run today I didn’t feel like I was every pushing beyond what I should be feeling for a tempo or marathon pace. So as long as I don’t burn out I think the 3 hour paces are good for me at this point.

The plan for next week on the “pushing it” (2:55 based paces) workouts is to use the progressive pace. Steve had us go out at 10 seconds slower than MGP for the first 2 miles and then wanted to cut each 2 miles down by 10 for the 6 miles that were progressive. Two weeks ago I did this at 3 hour based paces so this week the goal will be to run each of the 2 mile sets 10 seconds per mile faster than last time. The other workout I’ll try and push is the mile all out on the long run Saturday, that will be interesting, going 3 miles, then 1 mile all out on the track and then finishing the 20+ mile workout with the lactic acid built up in the legs.

I need to “break” the metronome a little, it’s very easy for me to get locked into paces by feel and the 2:55 paces are kind of a no mans land I need to get my body used to. Good to have a new challenge and something to work on.

Run Today
17.25 ish miles – 2:14:18
Closed around 6:50 pace

Current Wins – Cross training, job change public to all, reservations for phili half and CIM done

Current Losses – Lack of progress on startup, poor nutrition, downtown task force missing purpose


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