Don’t have a great feeling about the task force yet

I manged to make it to the task force meeting again this week and it was kind of depressing, the decisions so far were non-decisions. There doesn’t seem any overriding “purpose”. The approach right now appears to be to come up with some consensus that makes the different constituents on the task force happy. I don’t necessarily consider everybody on the task force representative of the people they’re supposed to represent. I will say however that some of the task force members have really impressed me, I wish I could remember their names. Next time I’m going to make a point of noting them.

I have my notes and links to what was voted on on the site:

This is a very complicated issue and there are lots of factors to balance when deciding whether or not to approve an event. Before you come up with some rules I think there needs to be some over arching goal, nobody has spelled that out. The sense I get from the meetings is some task force members want their “cares” addressed (Brees, Petin, and others) and it’s like a collection of special interest group. I hope the result isn’t some watered down list of recommendations, I believe in consensus but taken too far that can create “bridges to nowhere” … a term used by a task force member, nothing to do with the election right now 🙂

What is the purpose of events downtown? Isn’t it about the image and feel of the city as well as the quality of life of it’s residents? Now I don’t know what those things are but I’d think somewhere in there is “music”, “fitness”, and “arts”. What is it the events are supposed to fundamentally supposed to achieve for us and then we can go about getting all the secondary goals and make sure different constituents needs are addressed.

More on this later on, I’m on an information gathering exercise right now to try and better inform the task force members.


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  1. Yeah Kamran, there is an air of “what’s in this for me” with many of the members and VERY little talk about what the events bring to AUSTIN. This keeps getting washed over somehow. The end of the discussion on Monday was about them finally deciding that they needed a clearer definiton of a impacted business and I can’t remember the other one but damn…this could take a long time and I think we better keep watch.

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