Cross training, boy do I need it

My approach to cross training has generally been to get injured, then start cross training with weights etc and then slowly stop doing it and then tweak something and get back into it. I really need more discipline. I posted a few days about about really committing to my training and I know that is going to require getting a little more serious about my cross training.

Last week during weekly happy office hours I talked to Steve about where I am with my training and my general tendency to be pretty conservative with my training. That’s served me well but I feel like for CIM I’m in right around sub 3 hour marathon shape. I need to start pushing myself a little beyond what would necessarily be the safest approach so for Boston I can go all out. To do that week by week I’ll choose  between a 3 hour and 2:55 training paces. Here’s what that looks like for a marathon and half:

Marathon Time   MGP       1/2MGP
2:59:59              6:53,      6:31
2:54:59              6:41,      6:20

The pace difference isn’t crazy but I know the added strain is something I need to account for and there comes the cross training. The main focus will be core work and light strength work focusing on the main muscle groups to keep them in balance. There were some great comments by Mike W and Amy on a post I had about the risk/reward balance we’re always playing with. I thought Amy summarized it well:

“If the training load is inappropriate for a particular athlete, a couple of things are likely to happen: either under-achievement OR burnout/injury”

I’m probably on under-achievement side right now so I’m looking forward to switching it up between the 3:00 and 2:55 range for CIM, and getting better about all the other things like nutrition and cross training so those are in place and routine in order to push myself as much as I can for Boston training.

Run Today:
Right under 9 Miles
14:00 up
2.9 miles out with 1 min hard, 1 min easy – under 20 min
2.9 miles back steady, 18:30 total time (16:23 pace – in the 2:55 zone this week)
12:30 down


  1. You are a good mentor for me Kamran. I am trying to focus on body maintenance myself and fighting it kicking and screaming all the way. I know it is BAD that I cannot come close to touching my toes or any other mild stretching thing that others can do. I know that I really need to watch my sugar consumption…and sleep more. But I have been able to abuse my body for so long!! It is bitching now though and that is hurting my running. Stay on track! I am trying to follow your example!

  2. Join me Monday for the free core class @ Jack & Adam’s at 5:45 or for my usual vinyasa class @ Breath & Body Yoga at 6:30 p.m.. I know I need to focus on core, so tried it thinking I would be able to do about 1/2. I was surprised to see Josh from Rogue teaching it . . . and not surprised that he kicked our @#$’s. I did 3/4 of what he wanted us to. And, I’m serious. It hurts to laugh 2 days later. That’s a good core workout.

  3. Yeah Josh does a mean core class! I am really bad about the aspects of running that don’t involve running like stretching, tp massage and foam roller stuff. I have made a big improvement in my diet and certainly feel the benefits. Now that I have caught Planter fascititis (seems to be an amazingly common complaint) from someone, I am making a bigger effort to stretch, tp and ice. Taking the summer off and being away from serious training certainly increased my motivation. I actually feel good with very minimal pain other than my foot and that is manageable. The diet, sleep and stretching aspects of running do make a huge difference.

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