Success requires emotional investement – time to step up to the line

It’s sad to say but for the last 15 weeks I really haven’t been committed to Team Rogue, yeah I’ve been going through the motions but haven’t really put myself out there. When I started it was more to just get back into running, not even planning to run CIM but to run a half instead. Then I thought, I can run a marathon at CIM and get a decent time and then run Boston as my A race. With my recent foot sprain I probably had too good of an attitude, it took me out for around 2 weeks which isn’t a long time but I didn’t need to take it quite that easy and lose focus during that time. Of course the opposite end would be to completely freak out and worry about my foot all the time which isn’t very productive.

It’s time now for me to step up to the line and make an emotional investment to this program and the Team.

I’m running CIM and my goal is to break 3 hours.

Yes I need to get my Boston qualifier so a 3:10 is fine since Boston is my A race … but know this (I’m telling myself this more than whomever is reading this) if I don’t break 3 hours I’m going to be disappointed. Sure there could be circumstances out of my control but if I’m not willing to put myself out there and be vested enough to be disappointed then I’m really not as serious as I need to be about my training right now. Game on!



  1. Hammer, you better nurse the tubing/wake surfing injuries and get your bum running!! You can do a sub-3 CIF. You can. You can. You will!

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