A painful long run

The saga continues, the foot injury is fine but my breathing and lingering pain in the side continues to rear it’s ugly head. Todays run ended up being around sixteen and a half miles (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2238695) at a pace of around 7:35. I ended up getting a side stitch less than 4 miles into the run and the next 12 were all about focusing on breathing, keeping my torso upright and my arm motion. The good thing is I never reached a point where I developed a stitch but the bad was that I was always in some pain in my right side.

I need to figure out what the issue is, maybe a muscle strain, allergies, not sure what it is but I’ve had two short runs where I’ve been unable to run this week. It also seems like stress for me shows up with this symptom, so it might be more a matter of trying to focus on stress outside of running and working that out. Time will tell.


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